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This release is about the tragic Chardon High School shooting that destroyed the lives of four young people on February 27 2012, including the killer. The perpetrator of that horrific crime was 17 year old Thomas "T. J." Lane, who never showed any remorse for his actions. On March 19 2013, Lane received three life sentences for each of his victims. During the sentencing, he removed his dress shirt to reveal a t-shirt with the word "killer" written on it. After the parents of his victims spoke to him and the court about what Lane's actions did to their lives, Lane gave a statement which showed he was proud of his actions, and then flipped the parents off. These four tracks do not condone what happened on that terrible day or Lane's behavior during his sentencing, but they do accept that Lane was also a victim of the same hate that led him to murder three people, and still is. For all of those who have exited that last door, hate, and the need for love to make sure it stays locked for the rest of us always.


released March 30, 2013

All sounds and vocals by faZe eXile. Lyrics on Murderer written by She who shall not be named. Conceived, written, and recorded on March 29 2013 between the hours of 6:00 PM and 8:00 pm.




Naked City Cinema North Carolina

Naked City Cinema was formed in mid 2009 by faZe eXile, fresh off of a long stint with the acclaimed multimedia project Projexorcism.

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