The Death of Hickory

by Naked City Cinema

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1. All American City.

Hickory has been named an "All-America City" three times. The All-America City Award is given annually to only ten cities in the United States. It is a very prestigious award that represents a community's ability to work together and achieve critical local issues. Hickory won this award in 2007, as well as 1967 and 1987.

2. Hickory Drugs.

Hickory's being voted "All American City" is odd, considering that it has ranked dead last or next to dead last in several survives of quality of life and well being in the USA. Decent paying jobs are becoming more and more scarce. Long term unemployment is high. Healthcare is unaffordable for a large percentage of people. And poverty is very high. These issues have created a sense of no future and no strong reason to live for many citizens of Hickory, who then turn to drugs to dull the feelings of abandonment and hopelessness. Every few years someone here in the creative "scene" dies either directly due to drug abuse or as a result of years of heavy drug abuse taking a toll on their body. This is the true face of a dead city.

3. Collapse.

Several years back, after prolonged raining, a massive sinkhole opened up near a newly established chain restaurant, swallowing a brand new Corvette in it's parking lot. It works on a metaphorical level, you see. The album art is a picture of the work underway to repair it.

4.We Use to Cut Cloth.

Prior to NAFTA and other bipartisan "free" trade deals which sucked away manufacturing all across the USA and drove it to China and other sweat shop countries, the Hickory area use to have a thriving furniture industry. The near death of that industry has left many ugly and falling apart empty factories blotting our landscape as an ever present reminder of a time when our quality of life was much higher.

5. All American Dead City.

Someone should make an award for an All American Dead City. Hickory would be more deserving of that one.


released April 28, 2013

All sounds and vocals by faZe eXile. EP theme idea by Nick Salomon.




Naked City Cinema North Carolina

Naked City Cinema was formed in mid 2009 by faZe eXile, fresh off of a long stint with the acclaimed multimedia project Projexorcism.

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